Tips to improve your car’s mileage

16 January 2023

1- Keep the engine in good condition.

Maintaining your vehicle well is one of the best things you can do to increase mileage. Your automobile will use more fuel if the filters are dirty and blocked while you are driving. A clogged air filter will restrict airflow, causing the oxygen content to decrease. Consequently, the car engine will adjust as required and use more fuel than necessary. Additionally, it will produce more power to go the same distance as it could with a clean filter.


2- Keep the Correct Air Pressure

Driving with the right air pressure in your tyres directly affects a car's fuel economy. Reduced tyre pressure indicates that the contact area between the road and the tire is more than usual. As a result, more fuel is used due to increased friction between the outer side of the tire and the road. On the other hand, over-inflated tyres reduce fuel consumption, but the road grip and aquaplaning (driving on wet roads) resistance are less.


3- Don't press too hard on the gas pedal.

If you're still looking for ways to increase your car's mileage, try to ease off on the accelerator. Petrol is wasted more when travelling at a high speed, braking, and then accelerating quickly. Additionally, bad driving practices reduce fuel economy by 15% to 30%. So, try this approach and see if it works.


4- Lighten the load in the Car!

You can save on petrol if you leave extra or large items at home. Do you know that a car's mileage might decrease by 1% for every additional 45 kg? These problems mainly affect smaller automobiles. Therefore, try to avoid loading your car with unnecessary items and see how much petrol you can save going forward.


5- Use the right motor oil

It directly affects the mileage the engine gives and be sure you are using the specified engine oil grade and quality. The owner's manual for your car contains information about this.


6- Maintain an optimal speed

Maintaining the ideal speed limit, as recommended in the vehicle manual, is one of the suggestions for enhancing a car's mileage. Driving beyond 120 kph can result in significantly increased fuel usage, according to a study.


7- Use air conditioner sparingly

Unless it is a very high temperature outside, use the car air conditioner at low cool settings. Excessive usage can put a lot of strain on the engine and consume more fuel (especially at low speeds).


8- Use Gears correctly

Better mileage is only possible with proper gear changes. Both cars, manual or automatic transmissions, must comply with this. Change gears at the correct speed to save gasoline. In automatic transmissions, if the engine seems to be struggling, adjust your speed, accordingly.


9- Check Wheel Alignment

Car mileage and fuel efficiency might suffer up to 10% from misaligned wheels. Additionally, it might cause tires to prematurely wear out. Uneven tyre wear and symptoms like a vibrating steering wheel might further affect vehicle mileage. As a result, do pay special attention to your tyres by going to a tyre shop to get them balanced and aligned correctly.



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