EasyGo Smart tag

Introducing the EasyGo Smart Tag for corporate fleet users

Convenience has yet another name!


Say hello to faster refuelling. Install the EasyGO sticker within minutes on your vehicle windscreen, and get ready to experience seamless travels on the road. Enjoy cardless fueling convenience with EasyGo NFC smart tag.

No more lost or damaged fuel cards! 


What is EasyGO Smart Tag sticker?  

The EasyGo smart tag is a sticker embedded with a radiofrequency chip. This tag identifies every fuel transaction unique to each customer and links it to your company’s account with Al Maha and provides drivers with a hassle-free journey.


Ordering the EasyGO Smart Tag stickers for your fleet:

Please call your Al Maha Cards Sales Executive, Customer Service at 80018888 or send an email to



Fixing the Smart tag sticker


Position the EasyGO Tag on the windscreen as shown below, to the left or right side of the vehicle.

The tag will not work if placed on metal surfaces.


EasyGo Smart


Al Maha EasyGo Smart Tag

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