Since 2001, we have offered the option to purchase fuel at our service stations using Al-Maha smart fuel cards. We have cards for individuals, organizations and for the NSS customers

We offer three types of fuel cards:

  1. Individual fuel cards (e-Rial)
  2. Corporate Fuel Cards for companies and institutions. (Corporate)
  3. National Subsidy Scheme Fuel Cards (NSS)

Corporate Fuel Card Features

  • Limit on Vehicles. (5-Vehicles)
  • Limit on Products. (Super/Regular/Diesel/Car Wash/Lube)
  • Limit on Quantity/Amount. (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  • Limit on Regions. (5-Regions)
  • Limit on Stations. (6-Filling Stations)
  • Validity Period. (Expiry Date)
  • Limit on Each Fill. (Quantity/Amount)
  • Floor Limit. (Quantity/Amount) (Pin Request)
  • Limits on number of daily transactions.
  • Instant Blocking of the card.

e-Rial (Individual Rechargeable Fuel Card)

  • e-Rial Prepaid Fuel card: There's no need to carry cash to purchase fuel from the nearest Al-Maha service station. Simply recharge and use the E Rial card as a prepaid card and enjoy its special offers.
  • Control Consumption: You can determine the amount available to spend on fuel.
  • Secure Wallet: The smart card can be used only with the secret pin to ensure security during use.
  • Recharge anytime: Recharge the card at a time that suits you.
  • Accurate Tracking: Card users can obtain a statement of account transactions made using the card. This statement may help in control of fuel consumption and help develop a better understanding of the amounts spent on fuel.

NSS Fuel Card

  • The National Subsidy System (NSS) is aimed at supporting Omani Nationals to benefit from the multiple subsidies that the Government of Oman provides. Al Maha is a significant player in supporting the fuel subsidy through usage of the Al Maha NSS Fuel Card by deserving groups of citizens.
  • Currently, citizens opting for the Al Maha NSS fuel card can receive up to 400 litres of M91 petrol per month. Please select Al Maha as your preferred fuel provider while registering on the NSS website: https://nss.gov.om


Smart Fuel Card Application Forms.