Al Maha is currently the only fuels marketing company offering a NSS Virtual Application for users of the Al Maha NSS Card. Customers who have an Al Maha NSS Fuel Card have the option of downloading and using the “Al Maha GoSmart” App from Google Play or Apple App Store and Huawei store.

This App enables users of Al Maha NSS Fuel cards to carry out fast, simple, error-free and cardless fuel purchases. The App also allows customers to better control their costs by online reporting of the fuel purchased and the balance available for the month after each transaction.

How to access Al Maha GoSmart service:

  • Selecting Al Maha Petroleum products marketing as the preferred option upon registration in the national subsidy system.
  • If your civil ID number is less than 8 digits, please add zeros at the beginning.
  • Please make sure that your Al Maha NSS card number starts with 800 and is the lastest version.
  • You must update your personal data in the national subsidy program regularly.
  • You must ensure that you have a strong network coverage during registration. If there is an error please retry when the network is strong and stable.