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We recognize that dependability of supply is of critical importance to our customers. We have robust arrangements in place to ensure an efficient, reliable supply of fuel to our service stations.

Our network of 225 service stations is supplied with fuel from three distribution centers - Jifnain, Raysoot Port, and Sohar Port.

We contract with local companies to transport fuel in specialized vehicles. In keeping with our commitment to the highest standards of safety, we ensure that each of these companies operates in compliance with Omani safety regulations.

Our high standards are maintained through:

  • Periodic inspections of fuel trucks - This ensures compliance with international safety and security regulations.
  • Guidance, education, and incentives - Ongoing training and incentives to fuel truck drivers ensure that they follow safety regulations.
  • Regular communication with contractors and partners - We share information about new international regulations in the field of safety and security as they are issued.

Our distribution fleet sets the standard for others to follow. We have achieved an exemplary record of discipline, commitment, and safety in recent years.

Fuel Retail

Fuel Retail

Currently Al-Maha Company distributes the fuel (Super, Normal & Diesel) in the local market through net of its stations distributes allover the...


We are a recognized supplier of aviation fuel at Muscat International Airport, a category 9 airport which handles over 5.75 million passengers per year...