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Since 2001, we have offered the option to purchase fuel at our service stations using an Al-Maha smart cards.

We offer two types of fuel cards:

 1. Individual fuel cards, E-Purse (E-Rial)

 2. Company and government institution fuel cards including:

-  Corporate fuel cards
-  Small Business Pre-Paid Card. 

arrowAccepted Over 225 Filling Stations
Al-Maha Fuel Cards are accepted over 216 filling stations across the Sultanate of Oman, the largest fuel retail networks in the country.
arrowEasy & Instant Recharge
E-Rial smart cards can be recharged from any filling station instantly at no additional cost.
arrowCashless Transaction
Recharge regularly or pay at the end of month.
Smart card is a cashless payment method which is more secure for both drivers and the business.
arrowMonthly Payment
Make payment at end of month.
Helps you manage cash spent on fuel more effectively.
arrowReduced Administration
Fuel cards can drastically reduce time spent on administrative tasks. All the information will be reconciled and consolidated.
arrowWeb Interface View
Customers can view and download their daily usage online through Al-Maha corporate customer web interface portal.
arrowAdvanced Security Features
Advanced Security features including online authorization, PIN Codes and Alerts.
arrowRemote Card Update
Update card limits and restrictions from any filling station remotely.
arrowImproved Fleet Efficiency
Customer can improve their fleet fuel consumption and minimize discrepancies with online Fuel Card with the help of daily usage report and transaction backups from the customers online web portal.
arrowUltimate Control Options
Customers can set the limits and restrictions into their cards for better fuel card usage and to have more control on their business.
  • Limit on Vehicles. (5-Vehicles)
    Fuel Card usage can be restricted to a maximum of 5 vehicles.
  • Limit on Product. (Super/Regular/Diesel/Car Wash/Lube)
    Fuel Card purchases can be restricted to a minimum of 1 product.
  • Limit on Quantity/Amount. (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
    Fuel Card usage can be either restricted to quantity or amount, the same can be set on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Limit on Region. (5-Regions)
    Fuel Card usage can be restricted to a maximum of 5 regions.
  • Limit on Station. (6-Filling Stations)
    Fuel Card usage can be restricted to a maximum of 6 Filling Station.
  • Validity Period. (Expiry Date)
    For better control Fuel Card usage can be set for a period of time, which can be updated any time before actual expiry date.
  • Limit on Each Fill.(Quantity/Amount)
    Limit on each fill can be either restricted upon quantity or amount.
  • Floor Limit.(Quantity/Amount) (Pin Request)
    Floor limit for each transaction can be set either in quantity or amount, which can only be overridden with a pin number.
  • Limits on Number of Transactions per Day.
  • Instant Blocking of the card.

Individual Fuel Card (E Rail) Advantages: 

  • Electronic Wallet: There's no need to carry cash to purchase fuel from the nearest Al-Maha service station. Simply use the E Rail card as electronic money.
  • Fast Transactions: By using the card, you will not waste time searching for the required amounts of cash each time you needed to fill up with fuel at an Al-Maha service station. 
  • Control Consumption: You can determine the amount available to spend on fuel. 
  • Secure Wallet: The smart card can be used only with the secret number to ensure security during use.
  • Recharge at Any Moment: Recharge the card at a time that suits you.
  • Accurate Tracking: Card users can obtain a statement of account transactions made using the card. This statement may help in control of fuel consumption and help develop a better understanding of the amounts spent on fuel.
  • Missing Amount Compensation: If you lose your card, Al-Maha will provide compensation of the amount lost on your new card.

Company and Government Institution Fuel Card Advantages:  

  • Management and Performance: Detailed reports allow for improved management and performance of your fleet.
  • Guarantee: We offer the highest levels of protection.
  • Multiple Facilities: We issue individual cards for each driver or individual car.
  • Reduction of Paper-Based Transactions:  Our smart cards are the most convenient way to purchase fuel without bills, harassment or incidentals.
  • Control Consumption: Place a daily, weekly, monthly or even annual limit on the quantity of fuel and other services that may be purchased, with the possibility of identifying the region in which the card is used. 
  • Follow-up on Consumption: Details of fuel can be registered and a receipt obtained for the card through the same device used in any station.  
  • Reading Distances Meter: Distances meter and fuel consumption can be registered regularly and provides for increased control in consumption versus distance. 
  • Secure Password: To ensure security during usage, the card can be password protected.  
  • Long-Term Viability: The card can be extended to ten years, saving time and money. 
  • Monthly Reports: Monthly reports detail each card and the amount of fuel used.

Using Al-Maha Fuel Cards 

  1. The card must be used by the authorized user only.  
  2. The authorized user shall agree to use the card within its details and limits in terms of authorized quantity of fuel. 
  3. The card must be shown to station's worker and then the authorized individual can request the quantity of fuel.
  4. The card holder shall allow the worker to register distance meter. 
  5. The authorized user shall sign a copy of fuel details, deliver it to the worker and retain an additional copy to pass on to the accounts section.
  6. The authorized user will receive Al-Maha smart card from the worker.
  7. The authorized user should submit the receipts to the accounts section at the earliest opportunity.

Fuel Card Application Forms:

1. Form 1 - Smart Fuel Card Application Form.

2. Form 2 - Smart Fuel Card Application Details Form.



Al-Maha Company is one of the early oil companies in the area of using filling fuel through smart cards, which were inaugurated in 2001


Al-Maha Company deals with the major companies of the Sultanate to provide the suitable fuel

Fuel Cards